Arts & Crafts: Four Things to Make Using Those Annoying Turf Balls From the Field

Katie Meyer, Arts & Culture Writer

Pinewood Upper Campus’ fields are infamously home to some of the most annoying creations known to humankind: thousands upon thousands of tiny, green plastic turf balls. For weeks on end, these turf balls invade our shoes and latch on to our clothes, antagonizing us when we should be calmly learning. Making art with the turf balls is a positive way to reclaim spoiled school days.  

1. Bead Curtain: Due to the volatility of fads, you can never be sure what your peers will find cool. One reliable constant, however, is a bead curtain. Channel your inner hippie by gluing the turf balls along lengths of string. Once complete, tape your strings to the top of your bedroom windows or doorway for a unique take on a popular decorative accent. 

2. Baby Rattle: Welcome a newborn into the world with a homemade rattle. For this thoughtful gift, fill one-half of a plastic Easter egg with turf balls before snapping it shut. Glue a leftover dowel rod from the gender reveal cake to the bottom of the egg to serve as your handle. When finished with the structure of the rattle, paint it with bright colors to make any baby squeal with joy.

3. Zen Garden: When the turf balls become too overwhelming, unwind with a custom compact zen garden. For the soothing sand, pack an empty plastic takeout container with your abundance of turf balls. Then, add decorations like mini drink umbrellas or pebbles from your backyard to decorate your sandbox. Now, trace patterns into your new garden for ultimate peace.   

4. Confetti: After a long evening of extracting clingy turf balls from your shoes for creative art projects, use the excess to throw yourself a party. The size and shape of the turf balls are perfect for convenient confetti. Grab a handful of the balls and toss them into the air! They might get stuck all over you again, but that’s the circle of life — you can just make new crafts with them.