The Bridge Brothers: Brandon and Kayden Ge

Rachel Farhoudi, Features Writer

Place yourself at a table in a foreign country, and try to sit there for three hours as you navigate one of the most challenging card games. Pinewood brothers Kayden and Brandon Ge do this every year as they compete in international Bridge competitions. 

The brothers started playing bridge with their father, who learned in college and got their whole family involved. They also attended a pizza party when they were younger at their youth organization where they met other players their age. That inspired them to pursue the passion and compete on a more serious level. Their commitment takes rigorous practice. 

“Because we are so competitive, we train most weekends with our teammates and other juniors,” eigth grader Kayden said.

“We met a bunch of friends [through playing] Bridge as it is a pretty social game,” Brandon said. “Also, winning competitions and doing well is very satisfying.”

Now, the pair follows a regular competition schedule. They go from sectionals to regionals, and then to nationals in the summer. 

It is no secret that Bridge is one of the trickiest games out there, but the two say it takes much more than a strong understanding of the rules to beat an opponent. 

“You need to be able to remember what happens throughout the hand,” Brandon said.

“You have to have a good understanding of probability so you know what are the chances of this or that happening,” Brandon said. “Another important skill is the mindset. You have to stay patient and not get frustrated or nervous. Tilting is what they call it.”

The two have found a real dedication to the game and plan to continue it beyond high school. 

“It feels really good to win and it’s also a really fun experience,” Kayden said.

This past year, the pair went to Italy, where Kayden earned a silver medal in the group round. Planted around that table they battled it out just as they had learned to do.