Overheard at Pinewood

Vishesh Ranganathan, News Writer

Thousands of things are said every day at Pinewood, and the “Overheard at Pinewood” segment is here to capture a handful of them. From satirical to inspirational, each quote finds a way to bring a smile to faces as students push through the long, arduous year.

Liquid Love: In the spirit of Happiness Week, one student shows off the self-love everybody should have: “If you like water, you already like 72% of me.”

Hazardous High School: In the midst of studying for a math test, a student pauses and reflects on the high school experience: “High school is like riding a bike, except the bike [is] on fire and in a pool of piranhas.”

Afternoon Arguments: During a not-so-heated lunchtime argument, one student makes a claim about their choice of diet: “I’m not vegetarian because I like animals, I’m vegetarian because I hate plants.”