Startup Instacoach Is Here For Athletes Like Hannah Jump

Jolyn Ding, Staff Writer

From the Panther Pit to Nerd Nation, Pinewood alumna Hannah Jump ‘19 is continuing to make a name for herself both on and off the basketball court. In Jump’s final and most successful collegiate season yet, she has solidified herself as not only one of the best shooters in the nation but also one of the most integral players in Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer’s rotation.

Since her freshman year in college, Jump has grown tremendously — making huge strides as a basketball player and even bigger ones as an individual. With the introduction of NIL, a collegiate athlete’s ability to make a profit off their name, image, and likeness, and her recent success on the court, Jump has launched her very own merchandise line that features an assortment of t-shirts and hoodies embellished with her personal logo.

“I’ve done a few things with NIL,” Jump said. “I’ve created my own brand, [and] I’ve signed with a couple of companies. It’s been super cool…and it’s provided me the opportunity to meet [new] people and get involved in the business side of things.”

For Jump and many collegiate athletes around the nation, benefiting off NIL is often their first source of steady income, and it challenges them to make financially sound decisions that set them up for the future.

“I’ve had to learn a lot about [financial literacy] and managing my money,” Jump said. “Our team’s actually done programs on investing, and we’ve learned a lot about investing through [personal finance companies].”

These experiences have reminded Jump that her off-court success is a byproduct of her on-court performance. While it may be easy to get wrapped up in the money and numbers, Jump never lets any of it get to her head.

“[NIL] is just a reminder that none of this will come without being successful on the court…you still have to get in the gym and do whatever you need to do to perform at the level that [is expected],” Jump said.

To go along with her merchandise line, Jump recently partnered with Instacoach, a startup created by athletes and designed for athletes. Their mission is to empower young children, connect them with elite athletes through one-on-one sessions, and promote monetization for players like Jump.

Pinewood alumna Izzy Chung, an intern at Instacoach and former teammate of Jump, describes her role at the company.

“Working for a startup is pretty flexible, so you’re not constrained to a confined role,” Chung said. “I’m [focusing] on business development and filming videos for content, and I’m passionate about Instacoach because [they provide] a really cool opportunity for athletes to make income on the side.”

Chung is also working to market the company and draw in more clients and bookings for Jump, who has a coaching profile available on Instacoach’s website. There, aspiring athletes of any sport can connect with their favorite collegiate or professional athletes and book virtual or in-person sessions with them.

Although these sessions are a source of income for Jump, her main focus has never been about the money; instead, she strives to give back to the youth and her community, share her knowledge about basketball and recruiting, and inspire young girls to pursue their passions.

“Coaching has always been something that I’ve wanted to get into, and it’s been good to [connect with younger athletes],” Jump said. “Right now, I’m in the [middle] of season, so I don’t have all the time in the world to be giving lessons, but I’m excited for the spring when I have a lot more time to hold more.”

In Jump’s continued efforts to return the favor to her community and thank those who have shaped her along the way, she has an exciting announcement for the Pinewood community.

“I’ll be holding a skills clinic or basketball camp for any interested Pinewood students,” Jump said. “More details are [coming].”