Senior Issue
Aden’s High School Wrapped: Top Songs 2019-22
By Aden Walsey
A Letter to My Past and Future
By Lulu Diffenbaugh
In Defense of Senioritis
By Owen Terry
The Importance of Saying "I Don't Know"
By Sean King
April Fools Issue
Genghis Khan: Conqueror of Nations and Hearts
By Sophia Yam, Staff Sweet Potato
A Sincere Recommendation: Best Places to Cry on Campus
By Karina Arson - Staff Pyromaniac
Stop Running in the Hallways!!!
By Samantha High-Strung  
I Swear I'm Not A Cannibal
By Prithi Spleenivasan - Staff Non-Cannibal
February Issue
Affinity Spaces: A Place to Talk
By Karina Aronson
Aden’s Playlist: The Grateful Dead
By Aden Walsey
Why We Should Still Read Huck Finn
By Samantha Hsiung
January Issue
 Plant Power: Why I Went Vegan
By Prithi Srinivasan
Aden's Playlist: Jamie xx
By Aden Walsey
December Issue
Aden's Playlist: MF Doom
By Aden Walsey
Environmental Ramifications of Fast Fashion
By Karina Aronson
Bringing Math Back to Math Class
By Peyton Chui
November Issue
Valencia Ramírez: Serving Snacks With a Smile
By Sophia Cheng
Aden's Playlist: Aphex Twin
By Aden Walsey
The Age of the Internet Presents A Dystopian Reality out of "Memory Police"
By Raghav Ramgopal
October Issue
Not a Meritocracy: The Inequity of the College Admissions Process
By Samantha Hsiung
3 Pointer "Next One's In"
By Sophia Cheng
Will Pinewood's DEI Initiative Make a Difference?
By Sally King
Fearless to Folklore: Taylor Swift's Musical Evolution
By Sophia Yao

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