Dear Beauty Industry, Do I Have Your Permission to Love Myself?
By Sania Choudhary
Sexism in S.T.E.M.
By Prithi Srinivasan

Mr. President, Abolish the Commodity Form
By Riva Reuben, Staff Sandwich Enthusiast
Top 5 Reasons to Continue Distance Learning
By Lulu "The Sheep" Diffenbaaaa
The Big British Takeover
By Sid the Science Kid
The Path to Reclaiming Pride In Our Indian Culture
By Sania Choudhary & Prithi Srinivasan
Corruption in Haiti: An Analysis of the Haiti's Current Protests
By Oscar Barnes
What Having Kamala Harris As Vice President Means to Me
By Prithi Srinivasan
Brainwashed and Bamboozled: An Analysis of Propaganda in America
By Owen Terry
DEI and The Perennial
By the Editorial Staff
Politics and TikTok
By Riva Rubin
Quarantine Cuts
By Sean King
Diversity on the Big Screen
By Sid Samel
Women and Sports
By Lulu Diffenbaugh
101 Reasons to Read
By Sania Choudhary
Cultural Context: A Critical Component to Teaching Asian Novels
By Eva Liu
Doom and Gloom in the Reading Room
By Prithi Srinivasan
An Examination of the Education System
By Owen Terry
The Importance of Introducing Children to Race
By Prithi Srinivasan
The Evolution of English: Why Young People are not Destroying our Language
By Sean King

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