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2023 Seniors College Map

2023 Seniors’ College Map

Skylar Chui, Creative Director May 3, 2023

Class of 2023 Senior Predictions

Class of 2023 May 2, 2023

Oscar Barnes After studying journalism and learning the dictionary from front to back, Oscar can finally speak in a dialect that is unknown to mortal humans, causing him to embark on the first manned mission...

Nates Senior Wrap

Nate’s Senior Wrap

Nate Martin, Sports Editor May 2, 2023

My time at Pinewood wouldn’t be what it was without the soundtrack that surrounded it. Music unlocks memories, taking me back to a specific place or reminding me of a specific person. Because of this,...

Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column

Returning To Our Origins: The End of the Dumpling Column

After months of restaurant hopping and late night article crunches, the infamous dumpling column club returned to our original location: Fu Lam Mum. Despite being our final dumpling excursion, no one...

Students Now Allowed to Overthrow Teachers in Class

Harry Yang, Opinion Writer March 30, 2023

Pinewood has implemented a few rules to increase happiness on campus. One rule designates days in which students are assigned the role of teaching. I believe that this new rule is beneficial to students...

Why Having Friends is Overrated

Why Having Friends is Overrated

Esha Joshi, Features Writer March 29, 2023

Humans are social creatures. At least that’s what everyone tells you. But what if they’re wrong? What if “science” has pulled a veil over your eyes about the true nature of human relationships? It...

Featuring Sally King and Samantha Hsiung

Journalism’s Crypto Scheme

Samantha Hsiung, Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2023

Recent rumors have alleged The Purrrennial, Pinewood’s student newspaper, to be an organization that functions solely through unpaid, involuntary child labor used to further Journalism advisor Sam Jezak’s...

Students Crash the Hemm/Jezak Wedding

Students Crash the Hemm/Jezak Wedding

Christina Tanase, News Writer March 29, 2023

Beloved history teacher Sam Jezak and Assistant Head of Upper Campus Haley Hemm recently tied the knot in Santa Cruz, California. Originally planning a small, intimate wedding ceremony in a picturesque...

Arts & Crafts: Four Things to Make Using Those Annoying Turf Balls From the Field

Arts & Crafts: Four Things to Make Using Those Annoying Turf Balls From the Field

Katie Meyer, Arts & Culture Writer March 29, 2023

Pinewood Upper Campus’ fields are infamously home to some of the most annoying creations known to humankind: thousands upon thousands of tiny, green plastic turf balls. For weeks on end, these turf balls...

A Proposed Return to Illiteracy

Karina Aronson, Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2023

Humanity has come a long way since the time when we communicated through grunting and crafted weapons out of sticks that we used to hunt the next day’s lunch. With communication and global interconnectedness...

Featuring Whitney Wood.

P.E. Alters Curriculum to Prepare for Netflix Show

Kathleen Xie, Features Writer March 29, 2023

Picture a room with sleek black marble floors, professional cinema cameras in every corner, suspenseful music playing, and a line of burly Pinewood students flexing their muscles. This is what the Pinewood...

Hamilton: Hamilton in Hamilton

Hamilton: Hamilton in Hamilton

Mailey Wang, Features Writer March 29, 2023

 “Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton. And there’s a million things I haven’t done.” While there are a million things math teacher Stuart Hamilton hasn’t done, one thing he...

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